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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I found out about specials or promotions you may be offering?
We do offer a newsletter / promotions alert newsletter that we send out a few times a year, but the best way to keep up with offers, new product and design releases, and generally what we are up to is by our FaceBook page. You can become a Monkey Fan by liking our page at www.facebook.com/StickyMonkeyLabels
What labels should I use for items that go into the dishwasher?
All of our labels, excluding iron on's, are waterproof, dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and laundry safe.
Which labels should I use on clothing?
Our Peel 'n Stix semi-permanent clothing tag labels are a great way to temporarily label your child's clothing. If you are looking for a more permanent solution you can use our iron on labels available in 2 sizes. 
Do the Peel 'n Stix or Small Round Labels have to be used on clothing tags?
Yes. Our Peel 'n Stix and Small Round Labels work best on most clothing tags as a semi-permanent labeling solution. We recommend applying the label, smoothing out any air bubbles and waiting 24 hours before laundering. We have found that the our labels will stick to silk fabrics and 100% polyester fabrics.
What label do I need?

We design our labels in many sizes for all your necessary uses. Our Label Packs are designed to fit the needs of your children like going off to Daycare, School, Camp, etc.. We fill our Packs with the label sizes we use most for those same situations thorughout our own childrens lives. If you don't need an entire label pack we offer our labels by the sheet in our variety of sizes, so you can purchase only what you need.

We have provided many photos with all of our products to show you examples of what the many label izes can fit on. If you still have questions feel free to contact us and we are happy to help!

Can I split my order with multiple names?
YES! We are one of the few companies that allows you to split your order with multiple names. When you "Create" your labels under the name box we have noted to simply place a comma (,) between each name and we will gladly split your order evenly between the names entered.
Why can't I preview my labels?
We allow our customers to enter names with up to 25 characters. We can many times alter our labels in a fashion to fit longer names and still look great. We do personally thinking that shorter names look better, for example not using the middle name, etc.. If we find that the longer name is too much for the design chosen we will contact you with our recommendations. And for these reasons we currently are not offering an online label preview option, but may consider one in the future.
Are your labels removable?
Even though our labels are highly durable you can remove them if needed and for this reason we do ask that you supervise small children.
Can I boil or sanitize my baby bottles with your labels?
Our labels are suited for temperatures between -60° F and 225° F.
I need a custom design, do you do that?
We can design just about anything you need. Simply contact us and tell us your needs and ideas to get started.
How long will it take to get my order?

We strive to ship all orders within 3- 4 business days of receipt. However, we do have times throughout the year when we do get very busy and you may experience a little longer wait, but we do strive to get all orders out very quickly.

Please allow the additional time needed for shipping depending on what shipping method you select upon checkout. If you choose USPS Flat Rate Priority those packages take 3-4 days to arrive to our US customers on average. Overseas orders shipped by International First Class Mail typically take 9-14 days.

Will I be notified when my order ships?
We do send a shipping notice as soon as your shipping label is created or when your order ships, depending on the shipping method choosen upon checkout. Be sure to add us to your email programs safe sender list or check our spam folder you do not receive your notice.
I am having problems placing my order on your web site.
With so many web browsers available you can encounter possible issues due to browser upgrades or lack thereof. Please try a different web browser or contact us to alert us of the issue and we will get it resolved and help you place your order.
Why should I set up an account?
When you set up an account on our web site you can log in at any time and view the status of your order, retrieve your package tracking number, etc.. We do not solicite our customers unless you have signed up for our newsletter or promo alerts.
I've forgotten my account password, how can I retrieve it?
Our web site allows you to retrieve or reset your password by going to the Log-In link. Look for the "Forgot Your Password?" link and follow the steps from there. If you continue to have difficulty please feel free to contact us. We're happy to help!
What types of payments do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal.
My credit card was declined but should have been approved?
We keep our credit card transaction authorizations very secure. When you input your card and billing information it must match exactly as to what comes on your card billing statement and with what your card company has on file for you. Please verify this information and try again and if you continue to have issues feel free to contact us and we will help.
What security do you have on your web site?
We offer SSL security with 128-bit encryption upon checkout. This ensures that all your data remains private and secure. You will notice when you finalize payment that the web address changes from http to https, "s" standing for secure.
When does sales tax apply?
Our business is based out of Oklahoma and we charge the applicable sales tax for any sales shipping within the state of Oklahoma.
What if my question is not listed here?
If you don't see your questions listed here, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!