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I never do this, but your product is awesome. Two years ago I sent my son to Daycare. I was not thrilled about having to send him to daycare at 9-10 months old, but I felt prepared thanks to you. 2 years later my daycare label pack and then later school pack is still going strong. His monster label reflect his name and personality. Labels that I placed years ago are still sticking and still showing his name. They have survived the dish washer, laundry, out door play and him. Now he is going through the phase of wanting to bring a book or a toy to school everyday and everyday it is something new he wants to bring. I have no need to search for a marker or find a place to write his name clearly on Mickey Mouse's tag while I run out the door. I just grab a label and go. My son now even reminds me his new favorite item needs a label. You have made life easier. Thank you.

~ Camille, Louisiana

As a new mom struggling with going back to work in June of 2014 and preparing myself and my little one for daycare, one of the things I needed to do prior to releasing my daughter into the world was label each and everything that would go with her to daycare! I had no idea how to accomplish this until I stumbled upon sticky monkey labels! I absolutely adore these labels and the overlays!!! They do NOT come off in the washing machine or in the dishwasher after multiple washes!! They are also cute and fun and come in sooo many options!! I am hooked! Oh, and if there is ever a problem with your order the customer service is above par! Highly recommend!!

~ Nicole, Pennsylvania

The customer service at Sticky Monkey Labels is superb!! I will exclusively order through this company for all label needs.  They have speedy service with great customization options.  They are friendly and their goal is your satisfaction...GREAT COMPANY!!

~ Gina, Oklahoma

Just received my iron on labels and I love them!! Exactly what I wanted!!! Shipping was fast too!!! Will definitely order again and recommend to friends and family!!

~ Sandra, Texas

Perfect! My daughter loves the stickers she wants to put them everywhere. Thanks for a great product!

~ Jean, Maryland

The best label. Sticky Monkey Labels allowed me to customize the labels I needed for milk powder, contacts etc.. Most importantly, the labels are of good quality, waterproof and I am able to put on bottles which I sterilize. Love them so much.

~ JiaHui, Singapore

Love these just as much as my last 2 orders! There's never a shortage of things that need a good label. ;)

~ Tricia, Canada

Finally some stylish labels for my stylin' dude's stuff. Love these so much, sending some other mamas your way!

~ Rachel, California

Perfect labels for camp! Love them!

~ Heather, Washington

I ordered these as favors for my son's "camp-over" party! They were a huge hit!!!!

~ Teresa, Florida

These are great. I ordered these for a friend after she saw my original labels and asked where I got them. They are a hit!

~ Courtney, New York

Absolutely adorable! This made the perfect baby shower gift! Thank you!

~ Tess, California

Love Love Love these, they shipped fast, and were perfect with the many different sizes, they are holding up so well in both the dishwasher on cups and on clothing/blanket tags in the washing machine! They are even working on the pacifiers!

~ Julianne, Texas

Super fast and super cute. This is my second order...and the first set of labels are still going strong!!!

~ Katherine, California

I bought labels for myself and loved them so much I ordered some as christmas gifts for other friends with babies.

~ Sarah, Pennsylvania

These stickers are the best...they hold up!

~ Heidi, Florida

Love them!!! Excellent as always!! Will order again!! :)

~ Anne, Canada

My second order and again, it was Perfect! Thank you!

~ Julie, California

Wonderful labels! Just like I wanted! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!!! I will definitely be purchasing from you in the future!!!

~ Laura, Louisiana

Absolutely AMAZING!!! You will not be disappointed. I am so happy with my purchase! Thank you so much for getting them done and to me so fast.

~ Dametria, New Jersey

These came out perfectly! Good quality! Would order again!

~ Rebecca, Virginia

These are so cute! Great quality, I can tell they won't come off of my little man's shoes at all easily! Haven't tried them on other objects yet, but I have every confidence that they will work perfectly on other items as well!

~ Stephanie, California

Amazing to work with!!!!! We worked together to create the perfect color combination for my labels and she even did a coordinating CUSTOM banner!!! To say that I am happy is an understatement. Thrilled ecstatic impressed and a loyal customer for life is more like it.

~ Brittiny, Louisiana

First of all, I love all the labels I bought! My son is going to daycare in a couple of months and I have labelled practically everything :) I bought almost every kind of labels in the solids style :) skinnys, minis, standards, rounds, iron-ons, shoe labels, you name it! Their customer service is the best and I would recommend to everyone to purchase these labels :) They are high quality, durable, it really sticks well!! Plus they are reasonably priced :) I will definitely be coming back for more labels :) Thank you again!! :)

~ Anne, Canada


Thanks so much! Great labels :)

~ Stacey, Canada

These are the most amazing labels and I will only purchase from her from this point forward.

~ Nevins, Australia

LOVE LOVE LOVE these labels! They are so cute and very reasonably priced compared to other companies out there. Thanks so much!

~ Nicci, Canada


The order arrived so quickly and the labels look great. I would use this seller again!

~ Anna, California


Great seller, quality product and super quick turnaround time!

~ Alison, Illinois

Fabulous product, super quick shipping. Will be buying again!

~ Clara, California


Super labels, thank you!

~ Barbara, California


These are awesome, Fast Service and quality product! Will be ordering a lot more from this company!

~ Christy, Indiana


Beautiful stickers, we love the quality too, thanks!

~ Rania, California


Love the labels, thanks!

~ Laura, Mississippi


They are GREAT!!! They stick great to clothing tags - some clothes have cloth tags and are a little more challenging. With regular/normal tags, they stick perfect!! They also work on bottles and caps - don't come off when washing - laundry or sink!! They are more adorable in person!!!

~ Tasneem, Washington